Sustainable Energy Solutions

Turn Key installation for all your projects needs

It’s our main priority to protect your investments. To do that, we offer a turnkey solution to all your energy needs. We offer top notch workmanship and quality installation, every time.

Why Solar?


With solar technology quickly advancing and becoming more affordable every year, customers are more inclined to invest in environmental choices with less impact.

In order to reduce their carbon footprints: homeowners, business owners and those in the forefront of the agricultural sector have quickly realized the most cost effective way to regain control of their energy bill is literally by generating their own energy.




Cleaner Energy

Allowing us to achieve a more sustainable future by creating our own energy free of fossil fuels.


Make Use of Empty Unused Spaces

Turning unused spaces like green pastures, and roof tops into a means to generate clean energy, and raise the value of your property.


Lead By Example

Become a leading member of the community by showcasing your commitment to green initiatives.


Lowering Energy Costs

Avoid skyrocketing energy costs by controlling your future of energy prices. Each system is guarded by a 25 year manufacturer warranty.

Sustainable Change Through Emission Free Mobility

Electric Vehicle

Charger Installation

The future of everyday mobility is going green, are you? With the demand of EV charging stations rising, our team of experts are well equipped to install the EV charger of your choice, including brands like ChargePoint, Tesla and Flo.

EV Chargers

Certified Tesla and EV charger installation services

Certified TESLA Charger Installers

Our electricians are Certified Tesla charger installers, which includes Wall Connector installations for all Tesla models.

EV Consulting Services

We offer custom system design services for all residential and commercial buildings.

Home + Commercial Installers

We are your go to Electric Vehicle installers in Manitoba. We service all residential and commercial buildings.

Battery storage can be used with grid tie or off grid systems


During peak sunlight hours, battery backup systems are able to store extra energy generated. What does this mean for you? You can keep the lights on during emergency situations and keep critical appliances powered.

During harsh weather conditions, especially the extremes we see annually in Manitoba, battery backup systems give you peace of mind.


Off-grid Systems

Ideal for remote areas with no traditional access to the grid, off grid systems allow all customers to have freedom to live anywhere while being able to control and produce their own energy. Don’t let the lack of traditional infrastructure control where you live or vacation again.

Uncovering Risks and Providing Practical Advice


With over 8MW of experience, our team has seen it all and now we want to help you achieve your desired returns on your next project. It’s our job to uncover potential risks and ensure your investment is practical and protected.

Industry Specific Knowledge

Our team is filled with masters in their respective fields. With their years of expertise in the renewable energy field, they understand the nuances of complex solar and EV projects. This in return can save you a lot of money and headaches on your sustainability journey.

Innovative Troubleshooting

We have worked on projects from 6KW to over 200KW, which means we have seen it all. Our experts are able to find niche solutions to address any issue that may arise during your project’s lifespan.

Save Money

Our team has a deep understanding of all the costs associated with projects. We ensure the system is designed to meet
your clients needs and the right decisions are being made from the get go, which in return saves you and your bottom line.