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Grid Tie Solar Packages

Custom Grid tie solar packages available upon request;
consultation required.

First off, what is solar? Solar is defined in the Oxford dictionary as:




adjective: solar

  1. relating to or determined by the sun.
    “solar radiation”

    • relating to or denoting energy derived from the sun’s rays.

Let’s start with a little history lesson. Solar energy or what was known as the photovoltaic effect isn’t new by any means, in fact it was discovered back in 1839 by a physicist working in France. By the 1860’s the world was introduced to the first solar powered engines and fast forward to the 1950’s in Washington, the first solar cell that successfully converted solar rays to electricity at a 6% efficiency rate was available on the market by Bell laboratories. Continuing on to the 1970’s, we saw the start of the energy crisis in the US, which pushed the federal government  to make solar viable and affordable and market it to the public.

By 1973, the first solar building was erected, Solar One, which combined both solar thermal and photovoltaic power. Year over year interest in solar continues to grow, particularly in the residential market. As the research and development continues, costs associated with solar  become more and more aligned with home/business owners financial budgets.

Now let’s talk about how solar is used today specifically Grid tie solar. A grid tie system uses solar panels to generate electricity from sunlight. An inverter is then used to convert DC (direct current) to AC (alternate current) to feed directly to your home. The excess power is then fed back to the utility grid. The term “net zero” is achieved when you are producing more energy than consuming, resulting in a zero dollar utility bill or a negative dollar utility bill.

If you are interested in reducing your carbon footprint and investing in the future of your home or business


We are committed to helping you achieve grid independence.

Let’s stop dreaming and make it a reality


Here is what our community is saying

Most people install solar once. When done right they can last a very long time. Imran and his team will use the best components, installed to perfection. I got lucky by having Imran be my solar installer. You don’t have to take a chance. Choose Vibes Energy and put your mind at ease. This system will be helping to save the planet for a very long time, thanks to the superior team that put it all together. Thanks Imran

— Richard B, Winnipeg

Well hard to believe it has been a year since our solar went live Total system production for year 1 is 40 312 Kwhrs, 29467 sold to MB hydro and 15 965 Kwhrs bought from Mb Hydro This includes charging 2 electric cars (chevy bolts) since August 2021 So all around I am a pretty happy camper.

— James G, Winnipeg

We are so glad Imran has started his own company. He is very good at what he does, professional, easy to talk to and very good with communication. He takes pride in his work and it shows. We will continue to use Vibes Energy for any and all of our solar needs.

— Tall Pines Lodge, Winnipeg

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